Projects & Reports

These activity reports describe some articulation-related projects and initiatives of members of the larger BCcupms constituency that are completed or ongoing.  The results of the projects should be of benefit generally to mathematics/statistics education in BC.

  • First Year Core Calculus

    The original First-Year Core Calculus Report to the BCcupms was unanimously approved at the May 2002 Meeting of the BCcupms. This Report was prepared by a team representing various sectors of the post-secondary mathematics education community in BC and the initiative was supported by BCCAT under a Transfer Innovations Project grant. 

    A follow-up report report tabled in May 2003 summarized the experiences of the post-secondary mathematics education community with the Core Calculus Curricula one year after their adoption.

    A First-Year Core Calculus Update was tabled in May 2013.

    In May 2019, member institutions were invited to participate in a survey regarding which topics they cover in each of Science Calculus I and II, and in each of Business & Social Science Calculus I and II (if they offer those). The survey also asked respondents to classify each topic as “Core”, “Optional”, or “to be Omitted”. (Topics classified as Optional are intended to be those from which some are selected to complement the shared Core topics.)

    In the Fall of 2019, reports were compiled to collect the information gathered in the surveys.

  • Mathematics Flexible Pre-Major

    Some colleges striving to provide for their students a variety of courses sufficient to allow entry into the third year of a Mathematics Major program at university urged that a study of program requirements for a Math Major and of the status of present offerings at BC colleges be undertaken.

    In this regard, the Mathematics Flexible Pre-Major Analysis Project Report gives an insight into the challenges and opportunities for students, colleges and universities.  It also suggests a set of first-and second-year courses that should form the core of a Math Pre-Major program.  The BCcupms approved the recommendations of the original report in May 2006.

    At its May 2008 meeting, the BCcupms endorsed an updated version of the course details for the Mathematics Flexible Pre-Major.

    At its May 2011 meeting, the BCcupms endorsed an further revised version of the course details for the Mathematics Flexible Pre-Major.

    In Fall 2019, the following update to the Mathematics Flexible Pre-Major was submitted to BCCAT, following consultation with those institutions who offer the Math major programs..

  • Core Linear Algebra

    The Core Linear Algebra Subcommittee (Nora Franzova, Claude Laflamme, Wesley Snider, and Jim Bailey) have compiled the report, analyzing data sent in by participating institutions. The objective of this study was to determine the degree of commonality in Introductory Linear Algebra courses in the British Columbia transfer system. It was hoped that an agreement similar to that found in the Core Calculus Report (2002) could be forged as an aid in writing and articulating curriculum for Introductory Linear Algebra.