Projects & Reports

These activity reports describe some articulation-related projects and initiatives of members of the larger BCcupms constituency that are completed or ongoing.  The results of the projects should be of benefit generally to mathematics/statistics education in BC.

  • Placement Tests for Calculus I Survey

    Completed in April 2001 by David Leeming of the University of Victoria, this report is a summary of the results of a survey of BC’s post-secondary educational institutions on their use of Placement Tests for Calculus I.

  • Math Proficiencies Requiredfor 1st-year Math, Stats, and MFEE

    In 1999, the Centre for Curriculum Transfer and Technology in BC completed a project to review the general and specific mathematics proficiencies recommended by BC’s post-secondary educational institutions for entry to selected mathematics/statistics courses.

    The courses selected for this study were:

    •   Calculus,
    •   Introductory Statistics, and
    •   Mathematics for Elementary Education.

    The Report details some very interesting findings and details the recommendations of the Project’s Steering Committee.