What is the WNCP?

The WNCP (Western and Northern Canadian Protocol for collaboration in education) is introduced here:


The new curriculum takes effect in September of 2010 for grade 10, in September of 2011 for grade 11, and in September of 2012 for grade 12.

A PDF document describing the WNCP framework for math curriculum in grades 10-12 can be found here:


How have BC post-secondary institutions prepared for the new curriculum?

On Day 1 of the 88th Meeting of the BCcupms, the president of the BCAMT asked that BC post-secondary institutions share with the BCAMT their progress in structuring math-related program pre-requisites as soon as possible.

It was noted that decisions should be made by Fall of 2010 as to which streams will admit entry into which programs, so that students planning to pursue post-secondary studies will be able to choose the appropriate stream (Precalulus and/or Foundations) for grade 11.

In order to provide some perspective and consistency in this planning, progress on this front that has been made and reported so far at various BC post-secondary institutions is summarized below.

Camosun College

Douglas College

Langara College


Senate has passed that the UBC minimum requirements for admission can be met by Foundations of Math 12 or Pre-calculus 11. Faculty requirements will vary. Also course requirements will likely be higher including Calculus which will require Pre calculus 12.