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98th BCcupms Meeting
Our 98th meeting was held via Zoom on June 16 and June 18, 2020.

Items Posted Following the Meeting:

     Ministry of Education: K-12 Learning in 2020/21
          (Emilie Hillier, Executive Director, Strategic Policy and Integration, Education Programs Division, BC Ministry of Education)

     BCcampus: STEM Open Education Project
          (Melanie Myers, Project Manager, Business & STEM Programs, Open Education, BCcampus)

     BCcampus: Open Homework Systems Project
          (Clint Lalonde, Project Manager, BCcampus and Shirin Boroushaki, Math Department, TRU)

     Top 20 Essential Math Proficiencies for students entering first-year...      Mathematics Proficiencies for Post-Secondary Math/Stat Courses: Full Report
          (Leo Neufeld, February 1999)

Items Posted Prior to the Meeting:

     Agendas and Minutes      Institutional Reports      BCCAT Communications      Core Calculus Surveys and Reports


97th BCcupms Meeting
College of the Rockies, May 14-15, 2019

Items Posted Following the Meeting:   Items Posted Prior to the Meeting:  


Articulation Resources


This Year's Featured Mathematician

The year 2019 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Raymond Smullyan (1919 - 2017), whose publications include books on retrograde analysis chess problems, a series of popular and entertaining puzzle books, as well as books on the foundations of mathematics and mathematical logic.

See the MacTutor History of Math archive for more information about Raymond Smullyan and his publications, and other historical figures in mathematics.

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