MFEE Core Curriculum Subcommittee



The Math for Elementary Education Core Curriculum Subcommittee consists of a core steering committee:

  •   Susan Milner (UFV)
  •   Malgorzata Dubiel (SFU)
  •   Susan Oesterle (Douglas
  •   Wendy Lynn (Capilano)
  •   Wayne Matthews (Camosun)

The core steering committee above forms a subset of a larger advisory committee, including

  •   Brent Davis (Faculty of Education, UBC),
  •   Margaret Wyeth (UVic),
  •   Melania Alvarez-Adem (PIMS),
  •   Mona Izumi (North West),
  •   Nicholas Buck (New Caledonia),
and representatives to be named from Okanagan College and Langara.


The mandate of the committee is:

  1. To explore the issues surrounding the development of effective Math for Elementary Teachers courses, by consulting various groups, including teachers and math education specialists.
  2. To produce a statement of objectives for Math for Elementary Teachers course(s), and make recommendations for course prerequisites and texts.
  3. To make recommendations for next stages.

The committee reported on its findings at the 2008 BCcupms meeting, and at the CMS Mathematics Education Forum in 2009.


Meetings will be set to ensure that the steering committee members can attend, but will be open to all members of the advisory committee. Participation in the process via the listserv will be encouraged. If you are interested in joining the listserv, email Susan Chen at

Documents and Links

  •   Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, report by the MFEE Core Curriculum Subcommittee of the BCcupms
  •   Donna Beers' report on the Massachusetts initiatives regarding the mathematics preparation of elementary school teachers
    (Thanks to Leo Neufeld for tracking down the report.)
  •   See also: Wayne Matthews' web page of summaries of the two reports referred to on the first page of Donna Beers' report
  •   Ball American Educator Fall 2005
    Brent Davis (UBC) suggested forwarding the above paper to members of the MFEE articulation committee.
  •   Educating Future Elementary and Middle School Teachers
    This is a link to a FOCUS article (May/June 2007 issue) by Betsy Darken of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  She describes some surprising results from a study comparing entry and exit proficiencies in rudimentary mathematics, among several first-year university math courses. (Thanks to Leo Neufeld for forwarding the links.)
  •   Math for Elementary Teachers Survey (password=mfee): Posted October 9, 2007

    Were you required to take a math content course either prior to or while you were completing your requirements for your teaching certificate? A math content course is focused on the mathematics itself, but does not deal with specific teaching methods.

    If yes, then we would like to hear from you. The BC Committee on the Undergraduate Programme in Mathematics (the group responsible for articulation and transfer of first- and second-year mathematics courses in BC) is starting the process of reviewing the Math for Elementary Teachers course currently offered at most institutions.  We would like to know what worked for you—and what didn’t!

    Please take a few moments to complete this survey.