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Here are some (in own opinion) very interesting mathematics- and statistics-related sites. If you wish to suggest others, please contact the Webmaster. Enjoy!!

  •   History of Mathematics - A fascinating collection! Besides giving short biographies of over one thousand mathematicians, this site high-lights some interesting, mathematical problems and results as well.
  •   Ask Dr. Math - On-line answers to Math questions from students at all levels.
  •   Mathematical Snippets - Some items of interest to any student of mathematics.
  •   Euclid's Elements - Euclid's Elements on-line using Java applets to create stimulating illustrations.
  •   GIMPS - The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search to captivate those wishing to explore the world of large prime numbers.
  •   The Knotplot Site - "Here you will find a collection of knots and links, viewed from a (mostly) mathematical perspective."
  •   STEPS - STatistical Education through Problem Solving has developed modules to support statistics instruction/learning in various fields of application.
  •   Steve's Dump - A huge depository of mathematics-related sites.
  •   Wolfram Mathworld - Here is an excellent starting point for your search of the world of mathematics on the internet.
  •   SETŪ - Have you heard of the game SETŪ? Would you be interested in the math behind it?
  •   Gateway to Mathematics - An excellent survey of the branches and landscape of modern mathematics.
  •   Mathematics Web Sites Around the World - An excellent point of departure for exploring Math Web sites.
  •   The Living Mathematics Project - A new medium for the communication of mathematics. What a delight!
  •   Math Puzzles - A celebration of Math Puzzles that would delight M. Gardner.
  •   Faber and Faber issues a One Million Dollar Challenge to prove the 250-year old conjecture of Christian Goldbach.
  •   Millennium Prize Problems - The Clay Mathematics Institute has allocated $1 Million in prize money for the solution to each of their seven Millennium Problems.
  •   The Joy of π - Interesting Links and Facts about π.
  •   APCentral - Wonderful articles on "Calculator Lies" and "History of Calculus" and much, much more.