BCCUPMS MFEE Subcommittee Meeting


August 21, 2007

SFU Vancouver

10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


approved minutes


Present:  Veda Abu-Bakare (Lang), Malgorzata Dubiel (SFU), Bernice Kastner (SFU), Wendy Lynn  (Cap), Wayne Matthews (Cam), Susan Milner (UCFV)


 1.  Arising from previous meeting:

(a)  The minutes were approved.


(b)  Susan M. will send a note to the MFEE listserv to let people know that  our page of the BCcupms website is now operational and reminding them that the committee welcomes feedback on anything posted there.


(c)  PIMS has made $1000 available for travel-related costs for our committee members.


(d) Justin has posted a draft copy of the on-line version of the questionnaire for elementary teachers and informed the committee of its location so that committee members can test how the on-line survey works before we make it public.


2.  Malgorzata and Bernice explained the genesis of the book for math for elementary teachers that they are working on, together with Brent and others.  The idea started to take shape at a conference early this summer.  The project is in very early stages and is unlikely to be very advanced by the time our committee makes its recommendation to BCcupms, so there should be no conflict of interest possible.  The hope is that both groups benefit from the overlap in membership.


3.  Questionnaire for elementary school teachers:

(a)  We agreed that in the preamble to the questionnaire the phrase “starting the process of completely re-thinking” should be replaced by “reviewing”, as the latter is shorter and potentially less alarming.


(b) Since the on-line questionnare requires an answer to each question, “No opinion” should be added as an option to appropriate questions. (#3, 4, 5, 7, 8, & 9)


(c) For #1 (How many content courses) the group thought it made more sense to have simply 1, 2, 3 or more  as options.


(d)  One last question was added:

10.  If you are willing to be contacted regarding this issue, please provide your name, school, and e-mail address.  (If not, give the name of your favourite mathematician, as the survey format requires an answer.)   




4.  List of compiled course objectives: 

     Malgorzata & Bernice presented their initial document, which lists all of the objectives given by committee members under several basic headings.  The group went through the first half of this list, clarifying where necessary, reducing redundancies and reorganising items.  The committee will continue to work on the document at our next meeting.


Action: Malgorzata will e-mail the committee members a revised version of the list. 


5.  Homework:

      We didn’t get to this, so anyone who had not yet done it has a second chance!

      To our next meeting, bring 11 copies of a one-page summary of one of your favourite classroom activities.  This should include the mathematical importance of the activity along with suggestions for useful follow-up discussions/questions/homework.


6.  Next meeting: Saturday, Sept 22 or 29 at SFU Vancouver.  Malgorzata will send round an e-mail to determine which date is best.



Minutes produced by Susan & Malgorzata